About Us

Since 2014, Mallorca Fishing provides a genuine and pioneering service in Mallorca: fishing and hiking guides. Our staff is composed of experienced and knowledgeable fishermen of different species typical to the Mediterranean. Our philosophy is catch and release. We are a company created by and for fishermen, whose goal is that our customers enjoy a unique experience combining hiking, fishing and photography in full contact with nature.

Mallorca Fishing

With us you will fish in the wildest corners of Mallorca, away from conventional tourism. Behind every excursion awaits remote places where the fisherman can enjoy the calmness of the Balearic Islands, in an idyllic natural setting, spinning or fly fishing in turquoise, clear water as if it was the tropics. On all fishing trips we make a small photographic report of the catches. So you can go home with a nice experience engrained forever in photographs of high quality.