Mallorca extreme week

Mallorca is a paradise and one of its greatest wealths is under its waters. We are aware of this, so we have developed a special plan to enjoy all the hidden wonders of this magical island. We have local fishing guides, experienced in Spinning and Fly Fishing, passionate about the sea who plan every trip taking care of all the details, in order to offer the best to the angler. We are aware that only one day of fishing leaves any visitor wanting more, since the crystal clear waters, the pleasant temperature, the fantastic landscapes and, above all, the beautiful liveries presented by the Mediterranean fish create an addiction that makes it difficult to leave the island.


We offer a complete pack with which you can discover the wildest coast of Majorca, without having to worry about anything more than to catch that dream fish. Leerfish, amberjack, barracuda, mahi mahi, grouper, dentex and many more smaller species such as sea bream and sea bass are some of the species that you can catch; And you should not worry about the photos, you will have a professional photographic report at the end of your vacation.  


The pack includes:

– 5 days of extreme fishing from the coast

– 8 hours of daily fishing

– Local Fishing Guide

– Photo report