Mallorca is a paradise and one of its greatest wealths is under its waters. We are aware of this, so we have developed a special plan to enjoy all the hidden wonders of this magical island.


Spinning and Fly Fishing are not just hobbies, they are also a way of life. We have designed a specific pack for you, so you can include your passion within your family vacation.

maldivas lureandflyfishingexperience

The amazing amount of tropical species in Maldives allows the angler to enjoy a unique experience catching many of the Indo-Pacific game fish. Species such as GT, red snapper, dog-tooth…are the target.

About us

We are specialized in fishing from the coast and we offer different options to suit each person. From dynamic fishing like popping or shore jigging, to more delicate techniques like ultra light spinning and fly fishing. All our activities take place outdoors in very diverse areas, from deep rocky coasts, usually on cliffs, to shallow areas, in the style of the Caribbean flats. The main species that we catch on the island are barracuda, leerfish, amberjack and mahi-mahi (in season), but we can also catch bluefish, sea bass, dentex and bream, not forgetting minor species and other less common species such as stingrays, etc. With the intention of expanding this range of species and techniques we also offer the possibility of lure fishing and fly fishing from a boat and we organize expeditions to other countries.

``To live one more day of monotonous fishing differs a lot from our concept. We want you to return home with a beautiful experience in harmony with nature and the sea``

SPINNING, catch and release

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